A new option has been created recently for people who want to take advantage of the loans offered by banks. This option is a loan product that is an alternative to those who want to use the loan immediately but want to start paying after 3 months.

The credit facility offered under the name of postponed loan has already become the choice of many consumers. Because all of the individuals who are stuck in cash for their needs do not have the opportunity to pay immediately. For this reason, we shared the details of Eversave Bank’s postponed loan product for individuals who want to start loan payment after 3 months yaz─▒m

Kredim Eversave Bank continued to promote consumer loan products with its slogan at Eversave Bank and now included the campaign to start paying after 3 months . In this way, the Bank offers a deferred loan opportunity to its customers and aims to expand its customer portfolio.

Moreover, individuals using Eversave Bank’s 3-month postponed loan can transfer the amount of consumer loans as much as they can after they benefit from this campaign to their bank account.


Eversave Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Features

Everbank 3 Month Postponed Loan Features

A maximum of 48 months can be made for Eversave Bank borrowers. For this reason, since the first installment amount is postponed for 3 months, the maximum number of maturities decreases to 45 due to the deferred loan product.

In addition, deferral interest is collected at the end of the first 3 months as grace period. You can take advantage of Eversave Bank’s 3-month deferred loan product offered at interest rates starting at 1.23 percent and get a grace period opportunity. For this purpose, if you want to use which of the bank’s general purpose loans, you only need to meet the application requirements of that loan product.


Eversave Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Calculation and Interest Rates

Everbank 3 Month Postponed Loan Calculation and Interest Rates

Eversave Bank publishes interest rates and annual cost rates along with loan terms on its website and offers its deferred credit advantage at rates starting at 1.23 percent. This interest rate applies to the loans used from Eversave Bank branches and different rates are offered for applications made through the bank’s telephone branch, website, mobile channel or Eversave Bank Direkt internet.

In addition , for the 1.23% interest rate to be valid, the loan used must be 50 thousand Lira and above and the maturity should be between 12-48 months . The loans with different maturities are subject to varying interest rates.

According to the information above, a payment of TL 1,461 will be reflected to the payment table of a person using a deferred loan of TL 50 thousand . The total repayment will be 70.389.10 TL . Considering that the customer has used a loan of TL 10 thousand, the repayment will be TL 14.660.68 and the installment amount will be TL 304 as the interest rate will be 1.39% .

Therefore, as the amount to be used as a loan increases, the interest rate to be applied to the loan decreases. Bearing in mind that the Bank reserves the right to change the interest rates in question, we remind you that these rates are up-to-date as of May…


Eversave Bank 3 Month Postponed Loan Application How?

Loan Application How?

You can use Eversave Bank Direct Internet, telephone branch, Eversave Bank address, bank branches or mobile channels in order to apply for postponed loan . During the application, you will be asked for the original driver’s license and photocopy or identity card, income certificate, SSI service breakdown certificate for private sector employees and the salary slip if you are not the bank’s salary customer.

If necessary, a document may be requested to confirm your address. After completing these documents, if you accept the bank’s loan allocation fee, interest rate to be applied and life insurance fees, you will be able to use the loan by preparing a contract for a 3-month deferred loan product. You can visit all Eversave Bank branches for detailed information…