Recent studies have highlighted that our homes are very energy intensive, including our heating that consumes a lot.

In such conditions, it is obvious that energy bills are always higher.

Analyze your needs and choose

To achieve significant energy savings, it is necessary to start from the beginning, to have an energy assessment carried out by an approved expert. Based on the findings and conclusions, you can put a strategy in place. You have decided to behave more respectfully for our environment. To heat your home, you decide to install a heat pump.

This wise choice will initially improve your thermal comfort, then you will see a nice saving of 30% minimum on your next electricity bills. Then, the temperature is managed simply by means of a thermostat, the heat pump requires simple annual maintenance, finally, it is easy to use. Do not forget that an investment related to energy savings is an investment that is amortizing quickly.

How to finance your project

How to finance your project

Certainly, the heat pump at a significant cost see, therefore, but fortunately, aids exist. To be able to benefit from it, it is imperative to call on professionals certified RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

To enable individuals to carry out their renovation projects that will fight against climate change and the preservation of the environment, the state in 2015 promulgates a law.

The aid provided

  • “Energy Transition Law for Green Growth” frames a series of incentives for financial aid very advantageous.
  • CITE (Tax Credit for Energy Transition) allows a reduction of your income tax by 30%, without a means test.
  • The eco-loan at zero rates which is capped at a maximum amount of 30 000 €, cumulative with the CITE.
  • The reduced VAT rate of 5.5% applies for energy renovation.
  • The ANAH (National Agency of the Habitat) can under certain conditions grant you up to 10 000 €.
  • Some local communities can also help you.
  • Energy suppliers can provide EWCs (Energy Saving Certificates). They entitle you to subsidized loans or coupons on the equipment.

A tailor-made credit for your work

A tailor-made credit for your work

After the deductions of all the aid to which you are entitled, your budget for this project is not completed. Your cash and savings do not allow you to self-finance the part that remains your responsibility.

Do not panic, you still have the loan solution- hop over to this website. But what is a loan for works? It is a loan that comes very often in addition to an eco-loan, it is called assigned credit and can finance many projects.

Its amount is exclusively reserved for financing the works you want to finance. For the instruction and validation of your file, request the transition of documents and supporting documents. The lender will ask you for detailed quotes, invoices from authorized professionals who intervene.

If you fail to comply with the terms of your loan agreement, it may be terminated at the initiative of the lender. Its amount between € 200 (minimum) and € 75,000 (maximum) will be paid in one go.

It will then be up to you to settle your intervening suppliers. The rate is fixed, but it varies depending on your borrower situation and the amount requested. It is reimbursed in fixed monthly installments for a period of 5 years up to 10 years. To make a quick study, do not hesitate to use the simulator on this page, which allows you to visualize the cost of your future loan.

A decision adapted to your situation

Getting into debt is not an operation to be taken lightly. Only after a careful study of your loan application file works to finance a heat pump will an answer be given to you.

If your debt ratio is not too high, if your repayment capabilities allow you to meet your deadlines, then your loan will be granted. In the opposite situation, the organization will be obliged to notify you of its refusal to grant your request.