Same day payday loan -$300 to $1,000 fast same day payday loans online

The offer proposed by Crystal is not a typical consolidation product. Through this company, you can apply for refinancing to several banks at once. However, is this solution beneficial for the client and is it worth looking for offers of loans through intermediaries? It’s worth taking a closer look at these types of offers.

$300 to $1,000 fast same day payday loans online

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Crystal has been operating on the Polish market since 2014, as part of the cooperation between Swedish and Polish entrepreneurs. Crystal is a Swedish investment fund co-financed and has its headquarters in Warsaw. Currently, he cooperates with seven large banks, popular on the domestic market. The website is designed to help the customer in obtaining the best consolidation loan for him, on the most favorable terms. It allows you to submit a non-binding loan application, thanks to which you get a lot of personalized offers, which include:

  • checking customer history at the Credit Information Bureau
  • assessment of the actual creditworthiness based on the bank risk assessment system (scoring)

You can also apply for a new cash loan through the Crystal website.

Advantages of the loan

An undoubted advantage of using the services of Crystal is the possibility of obtaining a lower interest rate by up to 30 percent. In addition, the use of the website eliminates the need to send a request from the bank to the bank and check their credit situation in them. Thanks to this the scoring is not deteriorated, and the client can choose the best offer. The use of the website is free and the time required to calculate the creditworthiness is up to 24 hours. Crystal does not impose an upper limit on the refinancing amount, and each application is individually considered. In addition, the company cooperates with up to 12 banks.

Credit defects

When using the Crystal website, please note that it is not a banking institution but an intermediary company. Thus, it has no impact on the interest rate or on the commission charged by the banks.